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Bee Seeds
Bee Seeds would like to encourage individuals to plant seeds of plants especially chosen for their nectar producing qualities which makes them very attractive to the honeybee and other pollinating insects. With the right plants in the landscape gardeners will attract pollinators and provide forage for these valuable insects.
Clobers for Bees
Clovers for Bees
The clovers are by far the most important American honey plants.

Frank Pellet
American Honey Plants
Meadow plants for bees
Meadow plants for bees
¨Make meadows not lawns¨ A meadow is a wonderful way of reconnecting to our environment. It is a rich and wonderful thing to watch the succession of nature as plants that provide pollen and nectar for a host of insects bloom, die back and are suceeded by the next wave of blooming hosts.
Landscape plants for bees
Landscape plants for bees
Urban dwellers can provide forage for honeybees and other pollinators by chosing plants for the landscape which offer an abundance of nectar and pollen.
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