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The Art of Beekeeping 2019

The Art of Beekeeping is an introductory course in beekeeping.  The class content will focus on how to get started keeping bees.  You will learn about basic bee biology, bee equipment and honey production.  Hands on experience in the hive will launch you in getting started.

Class sessions are led by experienced beekeepers and include lecture and field experience.  The textbook for the class is The Beekeeper’s Handbook by Diana Sammataro and Alphonse Avitabile. The course will be held in five Saturday sessions: January thru May to follow hive activity in the spring. Each session will be three and one half hours long. Students will be guided in how to order and construct their own beekeeping equipment. Instructors will be Christi Baughman and others from Trinity Valley Beekeepers Association.


January 19, 2019  

February 16, 2019  

March 16, 2019  

April 20, 2019  

May 4, 2019  

9 am - 12:30 pm

Included with the registration:
Five class sessions
Beekeeping handbook (one per family)
One year's family membership in the Trinity Valley Beekeeper's

The Cost:
$245 for one person
$160 for additional family members
$30 for each additional handbook (one included per family)
$25 early registration discount


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Dallas, TX 75229

Please register in advance.
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25 people per class

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Class Content:

Session One – January   “Getting Started”

Topics will include:  a brief history of beekeeping, bee anatomy, bee castes and the honeybees’ life and work and how to set up a new honeybee colony. You will also learn about woodenware; Langstroth and alternative hives, the tools of the trade and personal protective equipment. Students will be guided in how to order equipment, bees, and woodenware at this session.

Session Two – February “Potential Set-backs”

Honey bees, other bees, and other stinging insects. What about bee stings?  What’s happening to the bees?  Information will be presented on CCD, bee diseases and parasites; and how to manage your hives for healthy bees. The use of essential oils and other methods of disease and parasite control.

Session Three – March “Products of the Hive”

Class focus is on how bees make honey, pollen, wax, propolis and cause plant pollination. How to produce comb honey and extract honey. Honey extracting equipment will be demonstrated.  Beekeeping calendar of year round activities will be covered as well as information on swarming and supersedure.

Session Four – April “What to look for in a hive”

Students will learn what to look for inside a hive.  We will perform routine spring hive inspections.  You will learn to evaluate hive food stores, honey flow, the amount of brood, the location of the queen, and general health of the colony.

Optional Session Five – May “Review in the Bee Yard”

By now most students should have their bees, so our final session will be a review in the bee yard after they have had experience with their bees. We will practice finding the queen and inspecting a hive for brood, honey flow, numbers of bees and general health of the colony.


Christi Baughman

Owner of of Garland, Texas, Christi is past president of the Trinity Valley Beekeeper’s Association, a North Texas Master Naturalist, active member of the Trinity Valley Beekeepers Association of Dallas, TX and an urban beekeeper since 2005.   She acquired her love of plants, beekeeping and the great outdoors as a result of growing up on a farm in eastern North Dakota.  Beekeeping goes back to her farming roots.  Since moving to Texas she has re-educated herself in horticulture and plants for pollinators in the Texas climate.

Other instructors will be beekeepers from the Trinity Valley Beekeepers Association.

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